Your internship is ending next month. Now what?

With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, I’m sure many of you are finishing up internships within the next month. The end of an internship provokes quite a few questions and potentially awkward situations…how do you ask to keep in touch? How do you ask to work for them again? Do you give them a card or gift? Luckily, the Executive has some tips for you.

  1. ALWAYS give them a thank you card. Even if you hated your internship or your boss was unbearable, a simple thank you card is so necessary. Your boss may be called as a reference for a future job, so you want to keep relations positive. If you want to get fancy, Paper Source in Georgetown is the spot, but a simple card from CVS or Walgreen’s will always do the trick!
  2. Is a gift along with the thank you card necessary? Definitely not. You were professionally employed by them, you do not need to give them a gift. But if you and your boss really clicked, definitely get them something small, like a coffee mug, nice box of tea, candle, or small gift card. Getting something too extravagant can create an awkward situation.
  3. Want to keep in touch with your boss or another employee? Stop by their desk and ask for their business card. Tell them you had a great time working with them throughout the semester and would love to grab coffee to catch up in the future. Make sure you do reach out to them within a month! They can be great resources for future jobs and connections, as well as a great mentor to have!
  4. Can I connect with my boss on social media now? It depends. If you work at a company where digital is important and people are casual about this sort of thing, go for it. Make sure your social media is classy before requesting them — they are still a professional contact! If your company is a bit more rules-based, then don’t even consider it.
  5. Keep in touch with the other interns! Create a Facebook group, add them on LinkedIn, and stay in touch! They could also be great networking resources in the future, and going to happy hour and reminiscing about your internship experience is never a bad way to spend your evening.
  6. What do I do if I want to intern there again? Talk to your boss ASAP and express interest. Ask them if you need to re-apply. Also, ask them to set up a review with you to go over your progress and see where you can improve to show that you’re really interested in your success at this company.

If you have more questions, feel free to email the Executive at Be sure to comment with any questions!

Until next time!


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