DC’s Best Food Trucks: Tasty Kabob

Hello again!

Today, I am going to introduce to you one of the most popular and, perhaps, the most delicious and exotic food truck in Foggy Bottom. Tasty Kabob was started by Steve Hanifi from George Mason University. The easy-to-notice green food truck offers Middle Eastern food.

Tasty Kabob
source: yelp.com

Famous Chicken & Rice with Salad and choice of a side; Lamb & Rice with Salad and choice of a side; and the Lamb Gyro, are Tasty Kabob’s best sellers. If New York City has The Halal Guys, we have Tasty Kabob! It is well-chosen food among the George Washington University students for a lunch menu. If you don’t hurry during the lunch time, you will definitely face a long line to get Chicken & Rice. But don’t worry — their food is served within five minutes.


Chicken & Rice                                                                               source: yelp.com

If you live too far away from Foggy Bottom, Tasty Kabob offers its deliciously spiced meals at other locations in D.C- 19th & L st, Federal Center/ Patriots Plaza, and Gallery Place/ Chinatown. You can also check out their website, Instagram, and Twitter.


Until next time,

Food Connoisseur


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